My Beginning

In my 25 years I have never had the urge to write. In school I loathed English class. I would sit at my desk thinking “who the fuck cares where the coma goes if I’m getting my point across.” Along side of that fuck it attitude came a serious lack of creativity. I am the type of person who would take 20 minutes to figure out how two triangles made a square. Therefore, up until now I have had no desire to write. Recently I was inspired from a show about a novelist. I wasn’t inspired by his lifestyle, but his ability to say exactly what he was thinking. He didn’t seem to give a shit what anyone thought. I know it is a fictional show, but more people should be this way. Too many go through life never saying what’s on their minds. I found with that thought came my inspiration. I intend to write through all the bullshit and tell people what I am really thinking. This is my first ever post and all feedback would graciously be accepted. 
Twitter: @UnspokenQuarrel


Author: TheUnspokenQuarrel

Majority of people tend to never say what's on their minds. My intentions are to say what we are all thinking. I am new to blogging and really writing all together. I accept all advice and criticism whole-heartedly.

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