Children Need Both Parents

   One of the best days of my life was almost four years ago; my son was born. Loving that boy is all I lived for at that point.  Unfortunately, the next 10 months would be the  HARDEST time of my life.  The mother of my son was to put gently; less than loyal.  Regardless of HER indiscretions, I was the one that had to suffer.

   I’m sure we all know parents that have separated. Separation and co-parenting does not always have to be a bad thing. In fact, some times it is for the best.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some parents are so stupid and immature that they use an innocent child to hurt the other parent 

    In my case, my son was kept from me for weeks at a time until she got her way. It’s was like the child we made had become her own personal ATM.  It wasn’t always about money though. Sometimes if the wind was blowing in the wrong direction I couldn’t see my child. I would try everything to see him, give her anything and everything she wanted.  Nothing I gave or did was ever enough though.  I got so desperate when he was about 4 months old that I took her back just to see him. I was living in HELL.

     It saddens me that the society we live in makes it easy for this to happen. A parent keeping a child away from another loving parent is disgusting.  Depriving a parent of their child should be kidnapping and should be punished as such. How do some not realize they are hurting people; most of all their child?  I would do anything to see a smile on my kid’s face.

   All the blame isn’t solely on the parent, the court system also holds their fair share. It is 2017, how the fuck is their still so much bias when it comes to custody of a child? Study after study shows children need both parents.  Yet, the children’s needs are still being disregarded. I don’t think enough attention and resources have been thrown into this matter. Children are our future and some of them are being set up for failure. 

   It is time that something is done about this. Both parents need to be treated fair and just. 

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Author: TheUnspokenQuarrel

Majority of people tend to never say what's on their minds. My intentions are to say what we are all thinking. I am new to blogging and really writing all together. I accept all advice and criticism whole-heartedly.

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